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Hudson Highlands: A Family's Roots
The Goldsands & Silversteins came to Peekskill, NY in the first two decades of the 20th century.  As a teenager (and before the era of driver's licenses), my grandmother, Cele, drove her father around the county delivering liquor to speakeasies during Prohibition.  He needed her to drive because he wrecked every car he ever owned.  My grandmother & grandfather moved to Haverstraw, NY in the early 1920s. My father was born in their home at 103 Hudson Avenue in Haverstraw, NY in 1925. One of my nephews is named Dylan Hudson in honor of my dad's birthplace & Bob Dylan (or is it Dylan Thomas??).
I was born in Washington Heights, NY overlooking the Hudson River in 1952.  My dad, who died in 1995, imparted to me a great respect & veneration for the Hudson River Valley, especially the Hudson Highlands.  My love for the river and its landscape has informed my entire life in the outdoors.  Here you will see some photos of my hiking experience & my family history in the region.

Bear Mountain Bridge from the Torne

Boscobel Estate (Garrison, NY) looking to the Hudson

Croton Reservoir, Westchester County

Marcy Silverstein (lower left): manager of a 1920 Peeksksill, NY baseball team