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Yosemite Backcountry 2000

In the last week of summer 2000, I won a place in the Yosemite backcountry lottery to spend 7 days on a guided wilderness trip with a Yosemite park naturalist and 13 others like myself.  Dick Ewart was our wonderful ranger guide, who taught me a great deal about flora, fauna & geography in the Yosemite high country.  We started and ended our trip at Tuolomne Meadows with stops at the camps at Glen Aulin, May Lake, Sunrise, Merced Lake and Vogelsang (the highest camp at 10,000 feet).  With a pre-trip tuneup hike, I walked over 60 miles in seven or eight days.  It was an extraordinary, exhilirating experience.  Below, you will find  a few of my photos of the trip and we few, we lucky few who got to go.
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Meadow below Sunrise Camp
My fellow backcountry hikers

Tuolomne River near Glen Aulin

Dead tree at Sunrise Camp
Looking toward Cathedral Peak from Tuolomne
That's me in a meadow

Unicorn Peak from Tuolomne Meadows